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Sometimes you really want to give a deaf ear on what’s happening around you but the sound is too loud and you are left with no option but to listen. Kidnapping is real and it’s so scary.  You read or watch a story of someone that has been kidnapped and you do not know the person but you are deeply touched by the family’s grievances, now just imagine you know the victim! It is such a pain. The kidnaps have become so rampant and they are so worrying and I am really concerned. We are not safe! They are very many questions I would want answers to but I still don’t know if this would solve the problem. “Why are people being kidnapped?” “who is behind these rampant kidnaps?” what do they want in return?” who are they targeting?” so many questions I could go on and on.

Forget the hogwash of the people faking their own kidnaps to take advantage of their people and the situation. They are so annoying. How do you even dare joke that way when the state is in panic mode?

It’s almost predictable that when your loved one is kidnapped, you will get a dead body in return even if a ransom is paid. This is so painful. It makes my heart bleed and this has to stop! Fellow country men and women, lets join hands and fight this imp.

We need to pray. Prayer is the strongest weapon we have and if we commit to it , it yields results. Let’s join hands and pray for our country, our families, our friends and our leaders. Let’s soak our children in the blood of Jesus for no one can touch our kids if they are covered by the precious blood of Jesus

Let’s mind the people that visit our home and those that we care to share the nitty gritties of our lives with. Some of these people could be the traitors but still come to us inform of friends or relatives. I know some of these people are really hard to avoid but let’s watch them closely for anything suspicious. Imagine you get issues with the plumbing work in your bathroom and you need a plumber to fix it as soon as possible so you invite the plumber to your bathroom which is in the bedroom, this alone has exposed to this person. You couldn’t avoid it but again you don’t know him that much. He could have done the plumbing work when you were constructing the house but now its home, he may get other ideas.

Let’s all be our brothers’ keepers and keep alert. Don’t see something suspicious around your neighborhood and you keep quiet. Tell someone, report to police, do something! If you don’t, and it turns out it was a kidnap, you are as good as the kidnapper. The world may not know but the guilt will kill you.

If anyone stalks you knowingly or unknowingly, please report to police. We should also report people we suspect to be stalking us. Kidnapping has to be written off

Let’s create good working relations with the people we entrust our homes and children with. They spend most of the time with our children and sometimes how we treat them determines how they treat our children. They could contribute to the rampant kidnaps or save our kids from these kidnaps

we need to tell our children about the kidnaps. they need to have this information and also stay alert and also be responsible for themselves

Let’s do our part and the rest we leave to God but remember God helps those who help themselves

Finally, let’s embrace the use of pepper spray and let’s use it for the right purpose to fight this imp called kidnap


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