Town tales

Every now and then, it is good to get out of our cars and use public means, experience our city and the humor as you travel with people. By public means, I will stick to the taxi’s (14 passenger seater), ‘Awakula Enume’ & pioneer bus. It had been a really long while since I went to down town to but myself a blouse…. Thankful to our friends who endure ‘downtown’ to bring those clothes ‘uptown’ and sell them at twice the price.

My friend had been checking on when she would re-orient me with the place I used to be so familiar with during my campus days. Some of you remember how you had to have a ‘top’ every other week for aka get together, silk club…meeeeehn those lights made even a sac look bright (story for another day). You can judge!! Well we grew up.

Some things about Down town have changed, other ….., the singing, crude or cynical conversation hadn’t. In the middle of the singing, they find time to have conversations and humor each other.

“Kaleb mwanabasistaobalabye?” (Have you seen those sisters (chic’s)?)

Kalebu: “Obwanabbu I know mowabwalya James nadda mu loomu emu”(those ‘I know more’ babes took all James’s money, he even down sized to a one roomed house).

I thought, who intends to build a house and does not sit down and first count the cost? We kept walking until this guy grabbed my hand “sister I have your size of clothes.” He went ahead to pick me a skirt that I must admit my taste. You know that moment when you feel lighter? The skirt burst the seams before it went through my hips. I froze for a moment especially because my friend was 2 stalls away from me. There was some giggles behind me, but I dared not look. “Jacka (like she calls me) come see this” said my friend as she turned to my direction. She came to my rescue as the “you have to pay for it” had become a little loud.

The giggles turned into a song “mwanawattuMukamayakumperaekudde……lalalaa” (my dear, God gave you some hips) then from another stall “Jacka wangenze silikwambaza China, kankolenyooyambaleyoulope…”(My Jacka, I will never dress you in china clothes, let me work hard and get you European clothes) I couldn’t help myself but laugh as we headed to other stalls.

Kate and I sat in a taxi headed home, it was a relatively quiet ride save for the few whispers here and there. Then one passenger’s phone rings and he picks up

Dude: [shouting] Aroooooooo, Aroooooo? EeeeehniAkampuurwa

Phone: chatter chatter

Dude (Akampuurwa): Laughs out loud “N’obiiiha. Dyaaali?…..aaayiiiiyaRuhangawangye..”  (You are lying. When? …. Hmmm my God). ……..eeeeeheeeeeeeeh laughter ego, ……ego.

He seemed exited as he relayed the news to his friend about how the thief had finally been caught. Not long after we hear another trying to keep her voice down. “I can’t see you today…. I am in a taxi to Luwero right now.” The passengers laughed, but expressed mixed feelings about the conversation. We all knew the taxi was headed to Gayaza. We alighted and left him in a counseling session with the rest of the passengers.


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