I am a leader
I am a child of God
Created in His Identity
With His attributes
I won’t take whatever future is handed to me
I choose to take back my pen
To create the future of my desire
I take responsibility for myself
My family, my team, my organization
My community, my nation and my world
They all need me to rise to the challenge
To write a better story for us
I will clarify and pursue my purpose with passion
I will think through and create strategies for success
I will take daily action towards fulfilling my dreams
I will be guided by godly values
I will bring others on my significant journey
I will maintain a posture of humility and service always
I won’t just lead from a position
I will gain the trust and permission of those I lead
I will be productive, with results not reasons
I will develop other leaders and rise to the pinnacle of leadership
I will remain accountable to other leaders always
By God’s grace
I will leave this world
A much better place than I found it
I won’t just pass through quietly
I will leave my mark
Because I am a leader

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