Avoid the Overload in order to move

imagesEvery now and then every one of us could actually do with a little motivation, a little push, a little encouragement…. a little something to redirect our energies, help us refocus, and or put us back into perspective. And it is a good thing. Every time one am in a workshop, training, talk of sorts, I believe there is always something to take home – ‘Take away’ and implement. It would be odd for everyone to have the same take home; but at least there would be something worth implementing for the better of oneself, business or organization.

Have you noticed that some people sign up to attend all workshops, training’s, talks within their reach but never implement. They come out inspired for sure, fired up and basically useless in putting together what has been learned before attending another seminar of the same kind. Year in year out, I have noticed some particular people who even with the little resources at their disposal, are still gallivanting from one place to another growing fat with information, and never losing weight in trying to implement or better themselves through the newly acquired knowledge or learned skill.

Obese with information has never helped anyone! They say “Man the guy knows his staff”, “ delivers really well”, how we sometimes even go to the instructor, coach and applaud them for opening our eyes…. when all they have just passed on will remain information, and you my friend will not only have an information overload, but will be information obese.

It doesn’t matter how trained a trainer is, moving an information obese person into action is an uphill task. They will finish a sentence you begin, and give you data you have never even considered yet with no evidence of having tried out any of the old or new knowledge they have acquired.

We live in a world where things are moving faster than we can catch up, however not every piece of information is for you at that time. One therefore needs to break away from the cycle of attending every training, workshop in a bid to bite and chew first, then take another bite. It is also in order to feel free to ignore some workshops, filtering information and also boldly stepping into the unknown with the much information at hand especially is the material information is at ones disposal.

“Information overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what’s important in the moment. It is a choice.” – Brian Solis. The overload prevents us from taking actions or ever starting on anything. The choice is yours and mine to avoid the overload, and also to start with the information we have for right now.

May the next workshop, training not just load you with new information, but spur you on forward to achieve bigger and better.


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