Finally … Yet Just Started

libreoffice-the-best-free-office-suite-ever-65-728.jpgLike any uphill task say school, work, we all look forward to the end. It’s not because one has not enjoyed it; far from it. It is the pains especially when you have been stretched beyond what your mind limitations can bear. If I said I had never thought about quitting, then the truth is not in me. If I were to draw a curve, it shoots up with excitement and challenge and one’s mind telling  them “I can do this”, then mid-way your mind asks “can you really do this?” the curve starts to drop till it’s a barely  straight jagged line, then two more steps and your mind is convinced you are suffering and at this time it says “you can’t do this” and the curve starts to head downwards ….Lord help you so that it does not hit the X – axis through to oblivion… minus minus.

Just like peter denied His Saviour, my mind denied me that we signed up for Harvest Institute together! It has been a tough road where some have fallen off for various reasons. We all got in for various reasons; an added paper (certificate) onto my already existing papers, a bet you have to win – the odds being in better in your challengers favour, personal growth, the challenge,….. Whatever the reason, everyone hopes or hoped to achieve it by the end.  Some of us are finishing with eye bugs for lack of descent sleep, we have to hide them with make-up, better grammar from writing and reading, bolder in expressing ourselves, improved conversations, greater insights, authors ….  and we are celebrating it is finished!!! But is it finished?

There is no denying, for some it is finished, yet with all that we have learned, many of us have been tickled in various ways. The culture and discipline to read books that not only inspire but challenge as well, starting projects, taking the bull by the horns and riding it, looking at self and evaluating where you are and, where you ought to be and what you are doing about it? The treasures refined, the opened eyes to bigger visions …… are nothing to be traded; the space with all its pains is well intended for growth. For there can be no growth without pain.

While we shout “finally”, jubilant as we head towards our last line; none of us is the same person that walked through those doors and the journey has just began. Even for my fallen off friends, their lives I know were challenged and changed to move and are still moving. We have been catapulted and the expectation from us to transform, conquer and subdue is high whether you choose to take the mantle or not.

The world awaits you HI class 2018, go therefore and shine!!




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