It Starts With a Deliberate Plan

IMG-20181021-WA0012 There is a saying in my tribe “Akyogera yakyileta” loosely translated  ‘the one who speaks about it, is the one who triggers it.’ 

Well, whether we speak about it or not, a day comes in ones life when it is inevitably inevitable to retire from so many things. At certain times we shall retire from our jobs, our hobbies, ….ultimately we shall all retire from this world. How well are prepared first for the retirement from this world? What have we believed and embraced for eternity? [That will be a topic for another day]

Today allow me to speak about retirement from our money earning, energy consuming joys of our employment. When I was young, I spoke and understood thus, but now I am older and with age has come time to see and observe things along the way. The person who speaks about it is not the one who triggers it or even brings it on.  It is a fact of life however the question is how well prepared are you and I for retirement? Retirement takes planning and the sooner, the better rather than later.

I have learned that and wished I was told from the onset that the day your career starts, is the very day you should have retirement in hindsight. It is still early days before I hit the civil servants retirement age so there have been deliberate adjustments to plan for the inevitable. When one starts to work, seldom do we envision the ‘out of work/office/job/title’ economics; we live for the now, our plans are short term  – five at most ten years then we will start again from there. None of us grows younger, and sometimes neither do great opportunities come that often. So when you do something profitable, work at it diligently and profitably maximise the moments in a bid to plan for life after that office/title.

Despise not the days of humble beginnings I have been told. When you save consistently in the first ten years of your working life where for some, there may not be huge demands like dependents on your salary,  by your mid or late thirties that will make sizable collateral, and or initial capital for any investment venture. Saving as a work group in a job related Savings Scheme from the first day of your career is a worthwhile plan. In a group investment, the goals are far more achievable than working and walking the mile alone. This is because there is more discipline, and motivation from others. Group Savings have enabled many pay mortgages, buy land, get returns from investments made as a group like profit made on sale of land, loan repayments, returns on stocks acquired in different sectors of the market…. It is wiser to do today what you can than tomorrow when however hard you try, the time may be insufficient.

Not talking about it will not make it go away, but planning for it, helps you embrace it better, and makes the walk through it manageable. Some are retired early, others are retired because of circumstances beyond their control like accidents, an illness and company restructuring. How beautiful when one has a place to start than where there is none?

Observing my parents and other people, I have come to agree that for whatever we hope to achieve in life starts, it with a deliberate plan for action.

Go Plan, Plan, Plan and then execute.


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