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Sometimes you really want to give a deaf ear on what’s happening around you but the sound is too loud and you are left with no option but to listen. Kidnapping is real and it’s so scary.  You read or watch a story of someone that has been kidnapped and you do not know the person but you are deeply touched by the family’s grievances, now just imagine you know the victim! It is such a pain. The kidnaps have become so rampant and they are so worrying and I am really concerned. We are not safe! They are very many questions I would want answers to but I still don’t know if this would solve the problem. “Why are people being kidnapped?” “who is behind these rampant kidnaps?” what do they want in return?” who are they targeting?” so many questions I could go on and on.

Forget the hogwash of the people faking their own kidnaps to take advantage of their people and the situation. They are so annoying. How do you even dare joke that way when the state is in panic mode?

It’s almost predictable that when your loved one is kidnapped, you will get a dead body in return even if a ransom is paid. This is so painful. It makes my heart bleed and this has to stop! Fellow country men and women, lets join hands and fight this imp.

We need to pray. Prayer is the strongest weapon we have and if we commit to it , it yields results. Let’s join hands and pray for our country, our families, our friends and our leaders. Let’s soak our children in the blood of Jesus for no one can touch our kids if they are covered by the precious blood of Jesus

Let’s mind the people that visit our home and those that we care to share the nitty gritties of our lives with. Some of these people could be the traitors but still come to us inform of friends or relatives. I know some of these people are really hard to avoid but let’s watch them closely for anything suspicious. Imagine you get issues with the plumbing work in your bathroom and you need a plumber to fix it as soon as possible so you invite the plumber to your bathroom which is in the bedroom, this alone has exposed to this person. You couldn’t avoid it but again you don’t know him that much. He could have done the plumbing work when you were constructing the house but now its home, he may get other ideas.

Let’s all be our brothers’ keepers and keep alert. Don’t see something suspicious around your neighborhood and you keep quiet. Tell someone, report to police, do something! If you don’t, and it turns out it was a kidnap, you are as good as the kidnapper. The world may not know but the guilt will kill you.

If anyone stalks you knowingly or unknowingly, please report to police. We should also report people we suspect to be stalking us. Kidnapping has to be written off

Let’s create good working relations with the people we entrust our homes and children with. They spend most of the time with our children and sometimes how we treat them determines how they treat our children. They could contribute to the rampant kidnaps or save our kids from these kidnaps

we need to tell our children about the kidnaps. they need to have this information and also stay alert and also be responsible for themselves

Let’s do our part and the rest we leave to God but remember God helps those who help themselves

Finally, let’s embrace the use of pepper spray and let’s use it for the right purpose to fight this imp called kidnap



Psalms 109:30: “I will greatly praise the lord with my mouth; yes, I will greatly praise his name among the multitude” NKJV

The lord has been so good to me that I cannot go without mentioning his goodness. There are many testimonies but let me pick the burning ones for the week.

We have been able to take the children back to school. It’s been a long holiday and honestly we had reached a time of basically relying on God for schools to reopen and yes he did it. Lord, I’m grateful

My first child joined the boarding section! After convincing myself not to call anyone at school so he gets used to the school, he called. He loves the school. I was damn worried about his health especially with the weather changes and being in company of many children from different background. He is well, no health complication, nothing! Lord I’m grateful.

My brother finally got permanent residence that he has been waiting for. I don’t know if I should scream at this point. Lord I’m grateful.

My sister settled a debt that had kept her on tenterhooks. This one worried all my siblings but I look back and say, Lord I’m grateful

On the first day of school, someone turns up to pick my son. it turns out my son had a classmate that had the exact names as his so the teacher gave out mine. The person that had been sent also didn’t know the child to pick but my son resisted. The person insisted that his mom had sent him to pick him and had evidence of the phone call, message and all but my son insisted too that he knew the person picking him. In the moment, his aunty turned up and the mystery was solved. Isn’t that God?

My cousin got admitted to campus but her biggest worry was a hostel. Not even tuition but hostel! She has secured a hostel and just ready to start. Lord, I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for the good friends I have. Lord you have blessed me with the best of friends and im forever grateful.

The ease to wake up, pray, listen to your word, season 21 Lord I’m grateful

I’m grateful for the work, the ability to execute my duties with ease and the good working environment, thank you lord.

The gift of loving parents. These ones worry about me yet it should be the reverse, they go extra miles. The bond we share as siblings, thank you Lord

Lastly I’m grateful for my spouse. You created him specially for me.

Please share your testimonies. Let’s tell of the goodness of the Lord.

Testimonies give hope, restore joy and mend broken hearts.

Testimonies reveal the power of God and strengthen our faith in him.


This statement was very common last year. This is because the pandemic came along with so many trials, failures and business closures. I didn’t ponder on it so much until recently when a TV presenter mentioned the statement. To be honest, my major work hadn’t been affected but everyone else around me had been affected so I felt their pain but didn’t mediate so much on the phrase. This time round, the T.V presenter’s ubiquitous use of the phrase caught my attention. Her businesses were all affected by the pandemic and there was no light of opening up the economy any time soon. She tried to hang on until she let go and let God

I encountered a scenario that led me to appreciate this phrase and further apply it to my status.

At first I honestly thought I would figure out everything like I have always done or find the next best option but in reality I didn’t have any options left. This phrase came straight to mind. At the moment I had mixed feelings. I felt angry that I couldn’t control the situation but was also relived. I felt light and remorseful at the same time. I felt I had not let God do his part and was carrying everything in my hands

The scriptures came right back to mind and I’m learning to surrender all to Jesus and withhold nothing like I have always assumed I do yet in the moment I wasn’t doing so. it made me think of the people in my situation. We often confuse trying so much and surrender

The same bible tells us that man eats where he works meaning it’s not all about faith, your input is required. Here is where we miss the point sometimes, we work and work too hard and not give God a gap in our work to help us. work is required, faith is needed too but most importantly surrendering all To him and withholding nothing

I realized we surrender later when we have stopped as human and can’t take it anymore. It should be three or four way: pray, have faith, work surrender thus let go and let GOD

Understanding this phrase has made me lighter and manage my emotions efficiently. I must confess it’s not a one-day step and if you are like me, you are going to feel like a failure often

The best way to use the phrase “let go and le God” is by mediating upon bible scriptures. There are many that come to mind depending on the situation you are in but let’s start with: “1 Peter 5:7 :casting all your care upon him , for he cares for you (NKJV)”

There is no chance that you have already countered your trials and therefore no more trials are coming your way so letting go and letting God is an everyday process. its literally letting God drive your life and simply following direction

Finally … Yet Just Started

libreoffice-the-best-free-office-suite-ever-65-728.jpgLike any uphill task say school, work, we all look forward to the end. It’s not because one has not enjoyed it; far from it. It is the pains especially when you have been stretched beyond what your mind limitations can bear. If I said I had never thought about quitting, then the truth is not in me. If I were to draw a curve, it shoots up with excitement and challenge and one’s mind telling  them “I can do this”, then mid-way your mind asks “can you really do this?” the curve starts to drop till it’s a barely  straight jagged line, then two more steps and your mind is convinced you are suffering and at this time it says “you can’t do this” and the curve starts to head downwards ….Lord help you so that it does not hit the X – axis through to oblivion… minus minus.

Just like peter denied His Saviour, my mind denied me that we signed up for Harvest Institute together! It has been a tough road where some have fallen off for various reasons. We all got in for various reasons; an added paper (certificate) onto my already existing papers, a bet you have to win – the odds being in better in your challengers favour, personal growth, the challenge,….. Whatever the reason, everyone hopes or hoped to achieve it by the end.  Some of us are finishing with eye bugs for lack of descent sleep, we have to hide them with make-up, better grammar from writing and reading, bolder in expressing ourselves, improved conversations, greater insights, authors ….  and we are celebrating it is finished!!! But is it finished?

There is no denying, for some it is finished, yet with all that we have learned, many of us have been tickled in various ways. The culture and discipline to read books that not only inspire but challenge as well, starting projects, taking the bull by the horns and riding it, looking at self and evaluating where you are and, where you ought to be and what you are doing about it? The treasures refined, the opened eyes to bigger visions …… are nothing to be traded; the space with all its pains is well intended for growth. For there can be no growth without pain.

While we shout “finally”, jubilant as we head towards our last line; none of us is the same person that walked through those doors and the journey has just began. Even for my fallen off friends, their lives I know were challenged and changed to move and are still moving. We have been catapulted and the expectation from us to transform, conquer and subdue is high whether you choose to take the mantle or not.

The world awaits you HI class 2018, go therefore and shine!!



Training Down!!

images (1)It is not just said, It is written “Train up a child in the way that he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it” Prov 22:6. Back in the day, we grew up as ‘community children’ meaning the whole village had responsibility over you. The neighbours had the authourity to literally use the rod of correction on you, rebuke you, pull your ears if need arose ….. and we revered them for it. From the moment you were born, you were a child of the village and for the village to raise. Times have since changed a lot!

Today, we have wall fences, hardly know our neighbours by name let alone talk to them; so how can we be talking to their children? That said, it is something we may not be able change on the outside, how about we change whats on the inside of these wall fences we have built upon ourselves? Visits, church Sunday schools, parties, schools and many other social gatherings display for the onlookers to see who has been trained up, or trained down. Somehow as parents we are looking for a place to leave a mark on this earth but the question is what kind of mark we leave, will be seen and lived through our children.

Unfortunately, parenting cannot be delegated simply because we do not want anyone to tell off our wanabe kids when they misbehave,  do not say thank you, are neither apologetic nor courteous to others, we do not rebuke them for what we call simple things like screaming at us, speaking rudely at us or the people who help us with the chores at home, do not greet……. in all claiming and thinking they will outgrow these habits. That my friend is training a child down and when s/he is old, he will certainly not depart from it. At every turn, is a learning curve for the child and an opportunity for the parent or guardian to impart values that will stick, teach and address the moral aspect of life to the child so that when s/he is old, they will never depart from them.

As parents or guardians, tolerate bad behaviour all in the name of cutting your children slack, hating everyone who tells you about them, or thinking they will out grow the habit, is to train down your child. As stewards of these children, it is our God given mandate to TRAIN them UP, to be upward looking. Upward looking is to acknowledge that even you as the parent are looking up to the perfect model God. Since we are no longer letting the village raise our children, then we need to train them up and not down however trendy it looks.

Whether you are training up or training down, it is that training that will form the foundation on which the child will gravitate when they are older.

Training up and not Training down

It Starts With a Deliberate Plan

IMG-20181021-WA0012 There is a saying in my tribe “Akyogera yakyileta” loosely translated  ‘the one who speaks about it, is the one who triggers it.’ 

Well, whether we speak about it or not, a day comes in ones life when it is inevitably inevitable to retire from so many things. At certain times we shall retire from our jobs, our hobbies, ….ultimately we shall all retire from this world. How well are prepared first for the retirement from this world? What have we believed and embraced for eternity? [That will be a topic for another day]

Today allow me to speak about retirement from our money earning, energy consuming joys of our employment. When I was young, I spoke and understood thus, but now I am older and with age has come time to see and observe things along the way. The person who speaks about it is not the one who triggers it or even brings it on.  It is a fact of life however the question is how well prepared are you and I for retirement? Retirement takes planning and the sooner, the better rather than later.

I have learned that and wished I was told from the onset that the day your career starts, is the very day you should have retirement in hindsight. It is still early days before I hit the civil servants retirement age so there have been deliberate adjustments to plan for the inevitable. When one starts to work, seldom do we envision the ‘out of work/office/job/title’ economics; we live for the now, our plans are short term  – five at most ten years then we will start again from there. None of us grows younger, and sometimes neither do great opportunities come that often. So when you do something profitable, work at it diligently and profitably maximise the moments in a bid to plan for life after that office/title.

Despise not the days of humble beginnings I have been told. When you save consistently in the first ten years of your working life where for some, there may not be huge demands like dependents on your salary,  by your mid or late thirties that will make sizable collateral, and or initial capital for any investment venture. Saving as a work group in a job related Savings Scheme from the first day of your career is a worthwhile plan. In a group investment, the goals are far more achievable than working and walking the mile alone. This is because there is more discipline, and motivation from others. Group Savings have enabled many pay mortgages, buy land, get returns from investments made as a group like profit made on sale of land, loan repayments, returns on stocks acquired in different sectors of the market…. It is wiser to do today what you can than tomorrow when however hard you try, the time may be insufficient.

Not talking about it will not make it go away, but planning for it, helps you embrace it better, and makes the walk through it manageable. Some are retired early, others are retired because of circumstances beyond their control like accidents, an illness and company restructuring. How beautiful when one has a place to start than where there is none?

Observing my parents and other people, I have come to agree that for whatever we hope to achieve in life starts, it with a deliberate plan for action.

Go Plan, Plan, Plan and then execute.

Avoid the Overload in order to move

imagesEvery now and then every one of us could actually do with a little motivation, a little push, a little encouragement…. a little something to redirect our energies, help us refocus, and or put us back into perspective. And it is a good thing. Every time one am in a workshop, training, talk of sorts, I believe there is always something to take home – ‘Take away’ and implement. It would be odd for everyone to have the same take home; but at least there would be something worth implementing for the better of oneself, business or organization.

Have you noticed that some people sign up to attend all workshops, training’s, talks within their reach but never implement. They come out inspired for sure, fired up and basically useless in putting together what has been learned before attending another seminar of the same kind. Year in year out, I have noticed some particular people who even with the little resources at their disposal, are still gallivanting from one place to another growing fat with information, and never losing weight in trying to implement or better themselves through the newly acquired knowledge or learned skill.

Obese with information has never helped anyone! They say “Man the guy knows his staff”, “ delivers really well”, how we sometimes even go to the instructor, coach and applaud them for opening our eyes…. when all they have just passed on will remain information, and you my friend will not only have an information overload, but will be information obese.

It doesn’t matter how trained a trainer is, moving an information obese person into action is an uphill task. They will finish a sentence you begin, and give you data you have never even considered yet with no evidence of having tried out any of the old or new knowledge they have acquired.

We live in a world where things are moving faster than we can catch up, however not every piece of information is for you at that time. One therefore needs to break away from the cycle of attending every training, workshop in a bid to bite and chew first, then take another bite. It is also in order to feel free to ignore some workshops, filtering information and also boldly stepping into the unknown with the much information at hand especially is the material information is at ones disposal.

“Information overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what’s important in the moment. It is a choice.” – Brian Solis. The overload prevents us from taking actions or ever starting on anything. The choice is yours and mine to avoid the overload, and also to start with the information we have for right now.

May the next workshop, training not just load you with new information, but spur you on forward to achieve bigger and better.



I kept thinking “if my husband does not tear up when I’m walking down the aisle, I’m so turning back”, and as if he had listened to my inner conversation, he cried! For some strange reason I was so pissed because I thought it was a joke. Who cries on their wedding day? But as the day went by, I realized, there were purely tears of joy. This really warmed my heart

I always wondered if for any reason you didn’t like my family especially my dad, how our marriage would be.  You blew me away. You literally call my dad more times than I do in a day

You are a special gem dear husband. Whenever I set out do something, you are just always there on the sidelines, cheering me on, repeating over and over that I’m capable of greatness

We have had our ups and downs but whenever we are apart, I still get that empty feeling

You’ve made me laugh when I was sad, picked me up when I was down, and cheered me on through difficult journeys. I am eternally grateful to have such a special man in my life. I love you.

Your hugs squeeze my soul, your kisses make me whole, and loving you is my life’s role. Thank you for all your smiles you put on my face, for the hugs that melt my heart, for all the love I see in your eyes. You are the reason I believe in love.

Loving you has been the easiest job to do because you are incredibly charming and absolutely lovable husband. You are the reason behind my smile, you make my life worthwhile.

As a young girl, I had an image of being married to my prince charming. The kind that rides on a white horse, smells great, has a dashing smile, always has nice things to say to me, and is always tidy.

My wonderful husband, you are the man that I chose to be my dashing prince and I believe chose well. You may not ride a white horse; your smile definitely makes me smile. I have to add that your comments about my ass are very motivating.

I’m not just wishing you great birthday, I’m praying that you are blessed with your hearts desires



I am a leader
I am a child of God
Created in His Identity
With His attributes
I won’t take whatever future is handed to me
I choose to take back my pen
To create the future of my desire
I take responsibility for myself
My family, my team, my organization
My community, my nation and my world
They all need me to rise to the challenge
To write a better story for us
I will clarify and pursue my purpose with passion
I will think through and create strategies for success
I will take daily action towards fulfilling my dreams
I will be guided by godly values
I will bring others on my significant journey
I will maintain a posture of humility and service always
I won’t just lead from a position
I will gain the trust and permission of those I lead
I will be productive, with results not reasons
I will develop other leaders and rise to the pinnacle of leadership
I will remain accountable to other leaders always
By God’s grace
I will leave this world
A much better place than I found it
I won’t just pass through quietly
I will leave my mark
Because I am a leader

Town tales

Every now and then, it is good to get out of our cars and use public means, experience our city and the humor as you travel with people. By public means, I will stick to the taxi’s (14 passenger seater), ‘Awakula Enume’ & pioneer bus. It had been a really long while since I went to down town to but myself a blouse…. Thankful to our friends who endure ‘downtown’ to bring those clothes ‘uptown’ and sell them at twice the price.

My friend had been checking on when she would re-orient me with the place I used to be so familiar with during my campus days. Some of you remember how you had to have a ‘top’ every other week for aka get together, silk club…meeeeehn those lights made even a sac look bright (story for another day). You can judge!! Well we grew up.

Some things about Down town have changed, other ….., the singing, crude or cynical conversation hadn’t. In the middle of the singing, they find time to have conversations and humor each other.

“Kaleb mwanabasistaobalabye?” (Have you seen those sisters (chic’s)?)

Kalebu: “Obwanabbu I know mowabwalya James nadda mu loomu emu”(those ‘I know more’ babes took all James’s money, he even down sized to a one roomed house).

I thought, who intends to build a house and does not sit down and first count the cost? We kept walking until this guy grabbed my hand “sister I have your size of clothes.” He went ahead to pick me a skirt that I must admit my taste. You know that moment when you feel lighter? The skirt burst the seams before it went through my hips. I froze for a moment especially because my friend was 2 stalls away from me. There was some giggles behind me, but I dared not look. “Jacka (like she calls me) come see this” said my friend as she turned to my direction. She came to my rescue as the “you have to pay for it” had become a little loud.

The giggles turned into a song “mwanawattuMukamayakumperaekudde……lalalaa” (my dear, God gave you some hips) then from another stall “Jacka wangenze silikwambaza China, kankolenyooyambaleyoulope…”(My Jacka, I will never dress you in china clothes, let me work hard and get you European clothes) I couldn’t help myself but laugh as we headed to other stalls.

Kate and I sat in a taxi headed home, it was a relatively quiet ride save for the few whispers here and there. Then one passenger’s phone rings and he picks up

Dude: [shouting] Aroooooooo, Aroooooo? EeeeehniAkampuurwa

Phone: chatter chatter

Dude (Akampuurwa): Laughs out loud “N’obiiiha. Dyaaali?…..aaayiiiiyaRuhangawangye..”  (You are lying. When? …. Hmmm my God). ……..eeeeeheeeeeeeeh laughter ego, ……ego.

He seemed exited as he relayed the news to his friend about how the thief had finally been caught. Not long after we hear another trying to keep her voice down. “I can’t see you today…. I am in a taxi to Luwero right now.” The passengers laughed, but expressed mixed feelings about the conversation. We all knew the taxi was headed to Gayaza. We alighted and left him in a counseling session with the rest of the passengers.

Taxi Park Tales

It had been an un relenting hot day. After my all over the town spree, it was time to head towards the taxi park. Ladies are familiar with those days when your face ‘shinning’ like you have just been dipped into a can of oil. I had to first sit down, check in the bag within the bag which….

“Hajati jangu otulewano” who you calling Hajati I thought? I wanted to say something, ….. I kept wondering what I looked like under this heat! I let it pass as I prayed not to meet any former schoolmates. I was the first in the taxi so choose the middle row by the window. The first hawker came by “Senga teweguliddeyo kukazigo?”(Auntie won’t you buy yourself this cream?) he goes on to tell me how it would brighten up my face considering that I seem to have a sweaty skin…. First of all I am not his auntie I wanted to say something….. Just know I was not amused.

Just then the second passenger entered and sat in front of me. She was heavily pregnant. Those stages of pregnancy where you want to just go get it over with. I managed a smile, she was ‘shinning’ more than me. I felt for her as she summoned the hawker selling water. No sooner had she started drinking it than the next hawker came by selling men’s vests. “Eeeeh Nalongo, Salongo tomugulidde vesti?” (“EeeehNalongo-mother to twins, aren’t you buying Salongo father of twins, a vest? I nearly burst into laughter but then I remembered all I had had to endure while in the Taxi Park and that her feeling was just like the look on my face. She held her cool, but the hawker just kept at it, “kale mugulire kanokaseevaamwekubilevu. Kwegamba tewali Salongo kyomwagalizawano…?” (Maybe buy him this shaver so he can shave his beards. Don’t you desire for him to have anything from my collection?”)

As the taxi continued to fill up so did the hawkers. The last hawker came to the door, he had been singing “kaaaalekyutex, nekelesi, iyaring, ….kale abyetaaze…” (okaaaaaay, nail polish, necklace, earrings…does anyone need?) When no one responded, he stared some more and then turned to the driver and said “Duleva, abakaazi banobotwalangabanyivubulala?” (“Driver, the women you are transporting seem so angry?”). I could see that he used his mirror to check us out, all our eyes met his at the mirror. “Eeeeeh kambatereko Radio” he said as we started to move…..and there was this kadongo kamu song “Naye Samuwankoolabubiii…..”

In unison, the women said “tugyileko radio yo….” As they burst out and laughed….. then the chatter between them started on how the hawkers had annoyed them and all they had endured throughout their day.

I left the taxi park with a merrier heart I forgot about my face. I guess it’s true “A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance….” Prov 15:13 and that a merry heart does good, like medicine…. – Prov 17:22 sometimes it is just good to lighten up and be humored by the whole experience.